1.1 How are the private keys printed?

The private keys are created by a Quantic machine developed in Geneva/Switzerland. These systems have passed the NIST SP800-22 Test Suite compliance for random numbers. Therefore, we can guarantee that each wallet is unique. The private keys are generated offline, the printer has no access to the Internet and the high-security Swiss printing company employees are under strict surveillance. The company is one of the more trusted printing companies in Switzerland.

1.2 Who prints the bank bills?

The Icynotes are printed by a Swiss company specialized in security printing in Switzerland a) The creation process for the cold wallets is secure b) A secure process is implemented to erase the private keys after printing the set of cold wallets c) The printing machines are offline and not connected to the Internet d) A security firm and an auditing company supervise the entire process.

1.3 How can you print blockchain assets as bank bills?

Our Icynote is an object which contains the key to the assets on the blockchain. It is produced with the guarantee that the unit of this cold wallet is unique.

1.4 Why are Icynotes only printed in Switzerland?

Switzerland has a tradition of high security, its asset protection laws are modern and its justice is independent of the government and of holders of power. It is also a country which has a history under the same governance, the people, for longer than 700 years.

2.1 Is the Icynote banknote useable in the long-term? Can I use it as a cold wallet?

The Icynote banknote is fabricated using special polymer paper which is resistant to 74 degrees Celsius [165 degrees Fahrenheit]. The ink used is able to support a full washing machine cycle. The holograms which protect the private key are also able to protect the ink against humidity and water. The entire banknote is long-lasting for at least 20 years. This banknote cold wallet is one of the most secure and durable banknotes in the world.

2.2 How can I transfer the cold wallet to another user?

During payment, any user with the appropriate mobile app can verify the total assets in the Icynote. A digital signature protects the receiver against unauthorized copies. If the recipient does not have the app, he/she must download it from the official App Store. Do not make any transactions without checking the balance. The receiver must visually check the Icynote and that it is in good shape, and verify all secure elements which are shown in the application – similarly to when accepting a banknote.

2.3 How do I charge it or add cryptocurrencies to my cold wallet?

You can charge your Icynote by sending Bitcoins to the cold wallet QR code. Ensure that you scan it and check the last 4 numbers printed on the Icynote. After sending the number of Bitcoins wait few minutes and then you have completed everything. You can make a real time check with our Icynote App by scanning the QR code printed in the Icynote again and naming it. You can always consult your cold wallet balance even when out and about without it.

2.4 Can I use it many times?

You can receive Bitcoins as many times as you like, the number of Bitcoins you receive in the cold wallet is unrestricted. Ensure that your Icynote is neither damaged nor scratched-off or, in this case, keep it safe and inaccessible for third parties. Should you wish to spend or withdraw your funds from the Icynote, you can transfer the Icynote (as cash) or scratch it free and pass the private contained on.

3.1 How can I be sure that the previous owner of the banknote has not read the private key?

It is your decision whether you accept the Icynote or not. If you accept it, you must check that the banknote is neither broken, scratched-off nor damaged and that you receive it from a secure source. This wallet is protected by two layers, one metallic and the other is a polymer, both of which reflect light, even from lasers, thus making it impossible to see what is printed inside. It is also impossible to scan it with a magnetic, X-ray or static scanner. Anyway, if your transaction is of a substantial nature, it is better to scratch-off the Icynote and transfer the assets from one Icynote to another Icynote, ensuring that your counterpart will transfer you the expected amount.

3.2 What happens if I lose my banknote?

If you lose your banknote, you lose your money, tokens, or whatever you have inside your cold wallet. The same is true if you lose a gold ingot or cash. If this happens, we are sorry but we cannot recover it in any way since we neither keep records nor have a copy of your private keys. We confirm, once again that we destroy all private keys when we print the banknote.

3.3 How is my cold wallet protected?

You must protect your cold wallet yourself in same way you protect your cash or precious documents. Nobody can read the private key, scan or use your funds if you keep it inaccessible for third parties. Your cryptocurrencies are stocked on the blockchain and protected against third parties., No technology exists which allows this without the private key. The only way to read the private key is by scratching-off and destroying the banknote and then yes, reading the private key (once a banknote is scratched-off, damaged or has been opened it cannot be securely transferred to anyone, the private key is then compromised).

3.4 How secure are the banknotes?

The private key is protected physically by a metallic hologram and a polymer protection layer. Only three companies in the world apply this hologram technology and it is very difficult to copy. On top of that, we use special magnetic inks for offset printing, intaglio-like printing and 30 other highly confidential security features.

3.5 Why is this solution more secure than other wallets?

Some malware can read electronics wallets. So, if your private keys are compromised, once you charge your funds in the wallets, hackers can steal them. Another problem is that you must print a code, usually a list of key phrases and the printing process of key phrases creates breaches. For example, if you use a WiFi-connected printer, your computer will send your file to your printer unencrypted. In theory, this means that anyone who has infiltrated the network can see the file and steal it.

3.6 What happens if your company is hacked?

The likelihood of hacking our physical process of creation in Switzerland is unlikely, we work offline so any hacking must be performed physically. We print using a just-in-time process, so the cold wallets only exist 10 minutes from creation to deletion. Each new cold wallet file is erased by the next cold wallet. At the end of the process, a security company analyzes the printer hard drives and deletes any information related to the printing process. We not only delete the files, we also have the hard drive destroyed by a secure company.

3.7 How can I know if my banknote private key is compromised?

Every Icynote fabricated by us is unique, nobody can see it from creation to printing. The only way anyone can see the private key is by scratching-off the Icynote. This is an irreversible process. So, you can see and feel whether the banknote has been “opened” and is therefore compromised.

4.1 How are the cold wallets generated?

We generate them in a clean room, under the supervision of a Swiss notary and an auditing company. Each Icynote is unique, the private key is printed only once and no copies are kept. If you lose your Icynote, you lose your assets. We respect the NIST SP800-22 Test Suite compliance standard for the random number generator which creates the cold wallet.

4.2 What is a hardware wallet?

A hardware wallet is an electronic device which stores several private crypto keys. Usually, the path from private key generation to hardware wallet installation can be compromised because this is performed by an insecure computer with open WiFi. The difficulty and the level of software and hardware knowledge required is high so this is not recommended for private people, but for IT professionals. So, that is why we do not recommend electronic devices for cold wallets. From another point of view, nobody can certify the hardware and the chip makers’ production.

4.3 How do I control the history of my transactions and the proof of first ownership?

Crypto addresses aren’t like bank statements; no central entity exists which manages them. You are responsible for logging your transaction history reliably and securely. If you hold it on an Exchange platform such as Coinbase, Kraken, etc, you have no control of your private keys. If you buy an Icynote, the initial balance is 0.00 and if not, it is not new. You can use our Icynote App to keep track of all incoming transactions directly in the blockchain.

5.1 How do you avoid people accessing my private key?

The private keys are embedded in the banknote during the secure fabrication process. In order to ensure that nobody uses your keys, you must always keep your Icynotes inaccessible to third parties. Keep them like you keep cash.

5.2 What if one of your company’s employees gains access to some of the private keys?

Our protocol and our security process neither allow anyone to see the private keys during the process of creation nor during the printing process. Furthermore, the security printing management system complies with laws and regulations in force in Switzerland.

5.3 What can I do if my cold wallet is empty after few years?

If your cold wallet is empty, that means somebody has opened it and scratched it off and read the private key. You must keep it in a safe place.

5.4 Can I travel with the Icynotes and what must declare at customs?

You can have as many bitcoins or assets in your Icynotes as you want. They are not physically stocked in the cold wallet, but in the blockchain. In any case, do not let the police or anyone open your Icynotes. Have them put in a sealed bag and contact your lawyer. You are not transporting assets, you are transporting a keyword to access your assets in the blockchain.

5.5 Can I charge the Icynotes with Bitcoins and sell them as a business?

Yes, this is dependent on you and trust by the person who will receive the “charged” Icynotes. Be careful, selling and buying Bitcoins in some countries is illegal. A transaction in Bitcoins entails some costs to be paid to the Blockchain miners, but when you transfer an Icynote there is no cost and no waste of energy. For your business, you can charge the price of the value of the empty “Icynotes” as follow Assets you charged + Price of brand new Icynotes.

5.6 Can I transfer my Icynote cold wallet?

Yes, you can pay with your Icynote like with cash. If the person from the other side do not accept the Icynote, you can scratch the code and transfer the assets using an app.

5.7 What if during the transfer process, I misspell the private key, do I lose the assets?

No, you can only transfer the Bitcoins if you type exactly the private key. But you must MAKE SURE that the receiving cold wallet is correct since sending is irreversible here. Again, if you transfer your Bitcoins to a wrong address, you lose the Bitcoins. That’s why this is better to transfer the Icynotes physically.

5.8 What if my country asks you to block my crypto account?

This is impossible, nobody in the world can block a cold wallet account or an Icynote. So, as long as you keep it physically away from others no judgment, police or government can force you, you are the owner and you control it.

5.9 Do you share my information with any governments or even with the Swiss authorities?

No, we sell Icynotes at a very low price, we are not required to keep your records and you can buy your banknotes without unveiling your personal information. The creation process is a mathematical operation which can even take place online. So, we do nothing illegal, we only print a code and sell a printed document.

5.10 How do I get my cryptocurrencies back to an exchange?

In order to send your Bitcoins to another wallet, you must scratch-off the cold wallet and take the private key it contains. Many solutions exist on the market.

6.1 How do I Install the Icynote Application?

Go to the Apple Store or Google Play Store for signed, original and safe Icynote Application . Install it and start scanning your Icynotes either for checking the value of the Bitcoins inside the Icynote or for checking that the Icynote is a true one.

6.2 How do I know if I am using an original Application?

Buy an Icynote from an authorized reseller, let’s name it A Wallet and then find another QR Code wallet not coming from our company, lets name it B Wallet, first, scan your A Wallet and check the code and if the Icynote recognize it as original, then scan the B Wallet if the scanned says this is not an original then you have more likely a true application.

6.3 Can I transfer the Bitcoins with the Icynote Application?

No, maybe in the future we can add this functionality. But, based on the regulations and laws of many countries, we prefer to be “allowed” everywhere and that each user can then download an application valid in his/her own country.

6.4. What can I do with the Icynote Application?

You can add new Icynotes, check your balance, check the total balance of all your banknotes, change currency, rename your Icynotes and learn about security and how it works. You cannot transfer Bitcoins with our Application, you can select specific secure programs yourself.

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