About Icynote security

1. Truly random

Bitcoin addresses are created from an aleatory number, whereby the problem is that current computing technology cannot generate pure randomness. Our random number generator is a Quantique photon counter machine made by the Swiss world leader in random generation tools which pass the NIST SP800-22 Test Suite compliance.

2. Special paper support

Our banknotes are made of 100% high density polyethylene fibers randomly laid and compressed to form a remarkably tough printing substrate which is ideal for long term durability & tear resistance. The characteristics include LIGHTWEIGHTNESS, PAPER-LIKENESS, RECYCLABILITY, BREATHABILITY, WATER RESISTANCE, TEAR RESISTANCE.

3. Inks

We only use inks reserved exclusively for security applications on financial documents such as banknotes, stocks, bonds, checks, identity documents such as passports, birth certificates, visas, driver’s licenses and other security documents. They are made available exclusively to official and recognized high-security printers. The same inks are used for the Swiss Franc banknotes. We work with a Swiss company with 93 years of experience in this domain.

4. Holograms

In order to meet the high security standards for the production of our banknotes, we work with the Swiss leader in this field with 70 years of experience from the first graphic proposal to the mass production embossing tool in a high-security environment. This technology is the same used by the Swiss Government for official documents.

5. OVB

The OVB is a Swiss-patented method which comprises a holographic printing process with infrared inks based on wavefront modulation which diffracts light at wide angles, making an unique seal of authenticity.

6. Electronic Signature

A digital signature is a mathematical scheme for verifying the authenticity of digital messages or documents. All our notes are signed with our private digital signature and with our mobile application, customers can manage and authentifiy their Icynote. From another side, it makes it possible to check the validity of the App that is downloaded from the Apple or Android stores.

  • A signing algorithm which signs the banknote with a private key
  • A mobile application which checks the authenticity of the signature

7. High-technology security

An Icynote has 29 security features making it one of the most secure and unfalsifiable documents on earth.  We can prove the integrity and authenticity of the note by using proofs of existence and non-repudiation proofs to certify when and by who it was printed.

8. Proof of integrity

We follow a unique protocol for creating keys, erasing logs and destroying all hard drives after production at the printing company. Supervised by a Swiss notary and a Swiss IT security company, the printer’s 27001 security risk compliance team and SMD security team furnishes proof that files used in the printer are deleted after production. At the end of the process, unicity proof is performed and there is absolutely no possible means of replicating it.

9. A printing company with ISO 27001

The entire production and printing process is performed in Switzerland by a Swiss printing specialist who has provided premium quality printing for over 70 years, including ISO 27001 certification.

10. Private key and wallet address quality checks per batch

We check the first (A) and the last (B) Icynote of every batch and two random Icynotes (C, D) as follows: We send a small amount of cryptocurrency to A, then from A to B, then from B to C, then from C to D, and then from D to the source. If this passes the test, it implies that the Icynotes are correclty printed .

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